Last piece in the Incorporating Puzzle

Are you short term or long term?

One of the calls we get all the time is from clients that just do not know what to do. Their company is in default, or they just got a notice of back taxes, or something from the city saying that they need to register, or pay some fines. 
These Clients have signed up with other incorporators. When they were making up their minds, before they signed up, they heard form that “Really Nice Guy” every day. Now that “Really Nice Guy” won’t return their phone calls. They are confused, they paid in full but their agent won’t return their calls anymore. When they call their incorporators, the pat response is “That was not included in your package.” What we find in this highly competitive industry is that a lot of promises are made but not kept. 

At our packages are all inclusive. One of the biggest differences between us and our competitors is that we are looking for the long term relationship. We are building this business to keep our clients. Our strength is in the amount of clients that renew with us year after year. This being our driving force means that we want our clients happy and satisfied year after year. Customer service is very important in building that long term relationship.

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